Improved high-speed efficiency of induction motors/rotors for XEV Traction

In a recent presentation to the JSA conference in Tokyo called “EVTeC 2014,” Malcolm Burwell, ICA Director, Technology & Transfer, talks about why it is important to improve induction motors […]

Favi SA

Improving the Efficiency of High Speed Induction Motors Using Die Cast Copper Rotors

Development of process steps to increase the high-speed performance of die cast copper rotors: slot coating and post-die-ejection quenching are indicated

Kienle + Spiess Video/Animation

This Kienle+Spiess Group animated video illustrates how molten copper fills the die during the casting of a copper rotor. Kienle+Spiess die cast rotors on three sites and produce rotors in […]


Video of the process for die casting copper-rotors for induction motors

1. Assemble Rotor

2. Design Dies

3. Insert Rotor into Dies

4. Melt Copper