Tesla’s Technology Sparks EV Advancement in Europe

By Malcolm Burwell An article in Automobile Magazine profiles the Tesla Model S P85D and describes the investment of  €6 billion – roughly $7.5 billion U.S. – German automotive manufacturers […]

Scott Ellsworth, Ricardo managing director, North America and Chris Callhoff, analyst, Ricardo Strategic Consulting, in Ricardo's teardown laboratory

Benchmarking the Tesla Model S – A Tour of Ricardo Engineering’s Teardown Laboratory

Ricardo Strategic Consulting’s benchmarking study of the Model S provides a window into the unique engineering and high-tech approach used in Tesla’s development of the electric sedan. Benchmarking studies offer […]

A Global Perspective on eMotor Technology Advancement

An Interview with Anjan Hemanth Kumar, Frost & Sullivan Automotive vehicle manufacturers (“OEM’s”) must adjust quickly to an ever-changing landscape of economic, social, and environmental forces. We know this is […]

Benchmarking the Tesla Model S – Courtesy of Ricardo Strategic Consulting

The Tesla Model S is the latest EV involved in a benchmarking tear-down by Ricardo Strategic Consulting.  It will also be the first vehicle to undergo performance testing by Ricardo’s […]

Akashi Gohdoh, Inc.: A Unique Culture Drives Copper Casting Expertise

To say that Akashi Gohdoh’s President, Kanji Akashi, was inspired in business by his parents is an understatement. The company was first founded and guided by his father, but then […]

Malcolm Burwell, Director, Technology Development for the International Copper Association (ICA) Compares Features and Benefits of the Induction-Motor to the Permanent-Magnet-Motor

ICA’s Malcolm Burwell will present a comparison of induction-motor and permanent-magnet-motor driving/generating performance in a hybrid electric passenger-car at the Techno Frontier in Japan on Wednesday, July 17th. In the […]

David Fulton, Director of Advanced Engineering, Remy International Inc.

Remy International: Riding the Waves of Innovation

David Fulton oversees that balancing act for Remy International Inc.  As Director of Advanced Engineering since 2000, he is responsible for development of starters, alternators, and electric machines for hybrid and […]

Liberty Electric Cars Receives Award of Funding to Develop Rare Earth Free EV Motor Technology

Sustainable, affordable, low-carbon solution for EV motor production.

Fostering Innovation and Change in EV Motor Technology: An Interview with Wally Rippel

Electric vehicle advocate and innovator Wally Rippel shares his views about fostering innovation through creative problem solving […]

Copper Rotor Induction Motor: The Better Solution to Power Electric Vehicles

The International Copper Association in alliance with the Copper Development Association will show a video demonstrating the strength of the copper rotor motor for EVs April 23 at the SAE […]