A Self-Parking BMWi3

The BMWi3 was featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January where demonstrators show how a “smart watch” can be used to drive the vehicle independently […]

Nissan to Expand Its Eco-Car Line in Japan

Nissan Motor plans to release two new EV’s in 2016 – and will add a hybrid version of its compact line as early as fiscal 2016. The automaker plans to […]

Honda Management Shift

Takahiro Hachigo, a Honda Motor Company R&D Executive, has been named President and CEO of Honda Motor effective late June 2015.  Mr. Hachigo joined Honda’s automotive R&D unit as a […]

Historical Fact vs. Fiction: Nikola Tesla and the AC Induction Motor

Blogs review documented and undocumented inventions by Nikola Tesla, including the development of an early electric car that may have been “charged wirelessly” by a cosmic box – or so […]

Scott Ellsworth, Ricardo managing director, North America and Chris Callhoff, analyst, Ricardo Strategic Consulting, in Ricardo's teardown laboratory

Benchmarking the Tesla Model S – A Tour of Ricardo Engineering’s Teardown Laboratory

Ricardo Strategic Consulting’s benchmarking study of the Model S provides a window into the unique engineering and high-tech approach used in Tesla’s development of the electric sedan. Benchmarking studies offer […]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Promotes Model S in Japan

In September, Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Motors Inc., spoke with reporters in Tokyo about the start of Model S deliveries in Japan. Musk also talks about the […]

Nissan’s e-NV200

Nissan is producing the e-NV200, its second electric vehicle at a plant in Barcelona, Spain. The e-NV200 is available both as a passenger vehicle and light commercial van. Additionally, there […]

Power Japan Plus Battery Innovation

A new battery technology from Power Japan Plus called the Ryden, or Dual Carbon battery with carbon anode and cathode, allows for charging at 20 times the rate of current […]

Nissan Motor Company’s EV Development & Launch in China

Nissan Motor Company launches the Venucia e30 in China, becoming the first Japanese automaker to sell this type of environment-friendly car in the world’s largest vehicle market. The Venucia e30 […]

Green Vehicles in China

China’s news agency reports that at least 30 percent of government cars that are newly purchased will be electric or “new energy vehicles.” The new energy vehicles include plug-in hybrids, […]