An Interview with Pete Savagian of GM

ICA’s Malcolm Burwell, North American Director of Technology Development and Transfer, talks with GM’s Pete Savagian about motor efficiency. Pete describes GM’s unique design and build of both induction motor […]

Bob Weed, VP, OEM interviews Ray Bakerjian, SAE International – 2012

Ray Bakerjian, Electric Vehicle Program Manger of SAE International, talks about the 2012 SAE Symposium’s rare-earth metals presentation led by Jack Lifton of Technology Metals Research. Interview with SAE’s Ray […]

ICA’s Malcolm Burwell interviews Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research – 2012

Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research, talks with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell about the need to establish rare earth metals processing capabilities outside of China. In an interview with ICA’s […]