Megafactories Tesla Model S / Electric Sports Car Documentary

A National Geographic documentary profiles Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s vision to create “the best electric car in the world.” At 23.5 running time, the program features Tesla’s AC induction motor […]

TRANSLOGIC 113: Tesla Model S

TRANSLOGIC 113: Tesla Model S

Translogic Speed’s Host, Bradley Hasemeyer, takes the Tesla Model S Performance Line on the road including a tour of the Tesla factory with Franz Von Holzhausen, Chief Designer, Tesla Motors.

Kienle+Spiess Director talks about interest in copper rotors

The automotive industry is looking for alternative solutions to the high cost of permanent magnet motors. Kienle+Spiess GmbH’s Director/Development, Stephan Bower, talks with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell at the 2012 SAE […]

Copper Delivers Energy, Power and Speed

This video shows how a copper rotor can improve the performance of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles with examples of companies using this technology.

The Business Of Plugging In Center for Automotive Research Conference – EV Infrastructure – Segment II

This program illustrates how automotive OEMs and automotive suppliers work together to move the electrification of vehicles forward. Michael Mahan, General Electric, and Marty Rucidlo, AMP Electric Vehicles, show and […]