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Performance/Cost Comparison of the Induction Motor and Permanent Magnet Motor in a Hybrid Electric Car

by Malcolm Burwell, International Copper Association; James Goss & Mircea Popescu, Motor Design, Ltd.

Traction Motor for Hybrid Electric U.S. Army Truck , International Copper Association

The Case for Induction Motors with Die-cast Copper Rotors for High-Efficiency Traction Motors

J. Kirtley, et al, 2008

Selection of Rotor Material for Industrial Induction Motors: The Case for Copper

Copper Alliance Whitepaper

Selection of Copper vs. Aluminum Rotors for Induction Motors

IEEE, Paper No. PCIC-2000-19

Optimization of Motor Design

Copper Development Association

Mechanical properties of die-cast, sand-cast and wrought copper

Source: internal measurements, International Copper Association

Manufacturing and Cost Analysis for Aluminum and Copper Die Cast Induction Motors for GM’s Powertrain and R&D Divisions

G.C. Mechler, University of Arizona, 2009

Electric Motor Drive Selection Issues for HEV Propulsion Systems: A Comparative Study

IEEE, M. Zeraoulia, 2006

Drive Cycle Effects on IM + IPM Traction Motor Systems – Motor Design Ltd

James Goss, Mircea Popescu, Dave Staton – Motor Design Ltd

Die-cast Copper Rotors for Smaller High Efficiency Automobile Traction Motors – A Design Study

J. Kirtley, et al, 2006

Design Aspects of Induction Motors vs. Permanent Magnet Motors

“Copper Rotor Induction Motors: One Alternative to Rare Earths in Traction Motors,” M. Burwell, North American Director of Technology Development and Transfer for the International Copper Association, 2012

Copper Properties and Uses

Copper Development Association

Competitive Benchmarking Analysis: Hybrid Vehicle Traction Motors

A. Goodrich, IBIS, 2011

Comparison of Different Motor Design Drives for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

D.G. Dorrell, L. Evans, A.M. Knight, M. Popescu, D. A. Staton

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Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium

The Braun Institute

Focused on the design of highly efficient drives.

Motor Design, LTD

Jim Kirtley, MIT

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An Industrial & Commercial Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Report

A report covering the technical and market trends for industrial and commercial vehicles (including heavy industrial, light industrial & commercial, bus and taxi global markets) says the industrial and commercial […]

Test Driving the Toyota RAV4 EV

Autoweek, runtime 02:15

Revival of an EV Induction Motor

Economist Technology Quarterly, 2011

Magnetics Business & Technology

Luxgen’s Luxury Electric Minivan

GigaOM TV, runtime 04:06

Harvesting Wind Power With (or Without) Permanent Magnets

T. Morcos, 2009

Chevrolet Electric Motors

General Motors (runtime 04:16)

A Closer Look at Regenerative Braking

Charged, Electric Vehicles Magazine

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