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Manufacturing Library

Improved high-speed efficiency of induction motors/rotors for XEV Traction

In a recent presentation to the JSA conference in Tokyo called “EVTeC 2014,” Malcolm Burwell, ICA Director, Technology & Transfer, talks about why it is important to improve induction motors […]

Improving the Efficiency of High Speed Induction Motors Using Die Cast Copper Rotors

Development of process steps to increase the high-speed performance of die cast copper rotors: slot coating and post-die-ejection quenching are indicated

Kienle + Spiess Video/Animation

This Kienle+Spiess Group animated video illustrates how molten copper fills the die during the casting of a copper rotor. Kienle+Spiess die cast rotors on three sites and produce rotors in […]

Yunnan Copper Die Casting – Video

Die Casting Video of Copper Rotors for Induction Motors at Yunnan Copper Die Casting Technology Company, Ltd.

The Evolution of the Die Cast Copper Motor Rotor

International Copper Association

Manufacturing Aspects of Induction Motors vs. Permanent Magnet Motors

“Copper Rotor Induction Motors: One Alternative to Rare Earths in Traction Motors,” M. Burwell, North American Director of Technology Development and Transfer for the International Copper Association, 2012

Experience in China on the Die-Casting of Copper Rotors for Induction Motors

Introduces recent technological progress in China with the manufacturing of die cast copper motor rotors for induction motors