News from Other Sources

News from Other Sources

Evans Electric Development of New Induction Motor Technology

Evans Electric, the EV powertrain start-up from Sydney, Australia, is working on electric vehicle projects including the development of a “world-first” copper rotor axial flux induction motor for automotive applications.  […]

EV traction motors without rare earth magnets

Since the Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) became main-stream with the launch of the Toyota Prius, the use of rare earth magnets in vehicle traction motors has become common.  In addition […]

Toroidon Power

The new 1MW electric supercar from Finnish automaker Toroidon is set to be the most powerful pure electric car ever made.  The Toroidion 1MW Concept uses 4 electric motors which […]

2015 Kia Soul EV packs a punch

A New York Times reporter takes viewers on a driving tour of the new 2015 Kia Soul EV and recommends it highly for “city driving.”

Tesla S Ranks #1 – Again

A writer for the “EV Obsession”  blog ranks the Tesla S #1 weighted by “value for the money” stating that the “Tesla S is in a different league” and is […]

LG Chem Signs Battery Deals for EV’s

LG Chem signs a battery supplement deal with Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle. “The contract calls for LG to provide batteries for their upcoming large-and small-sized electric […]

Car & Driver Reviews Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive

The B Class is available in the U.S. for the first time and in electric form only.  This “Car & Driver Review” describes the drive system from “Musk Industries.”  The […]

Electric Motors for Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles 2015-2025

The electric vehicle business will approach $500 billion in 2025 with the traction motors representing more than $25 billion.  This news release also describes how traction motor design, location and […]

Thai Subcon and Japanese Businesses Team Up to Explore EV Opportunities

The Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association (Thai Subcon) is cooperating with Japanese small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to study and develop a plan to produce parts for electric vehicles (EVs). The […]

A 1,000 Horsepower Electric Car

British Automaker Aston Martin’s CEO, Andy Palmer talks about his interest in developing a powerful new EV:  Palmer says, “I think ‘Power, Beauty, Soul’ doesn’t say it has to be […]

“Hello Kitty:” Feral Kitten Finds Temporary Home inside Tesla IM Compartment

A feral kitten climbs into the induction motor compartment of a Tesla owner’s vehicle in Austin, Texas, curls up next to the copper rotor, and won’t come out.  Although the […]

GM Develops a High Performance Electric All-Wheel Drive System reports that General Motors is developing a high performance electric all-wheel drive system for next-gen V-Series Cadillac models and possibly for their crossovers.  GM candidates for the new AWD […]

GM’s Electric Bolt

In 2013, GM formed a special team to study Tesla’s Model S.  Two years later – at the 2015 NAIAS – GM unveils its electric vehicle concept car, the Chevrolet […]

Musk in the Motor City

Elon Musk, described by some reports as “the face of America’s electric-car movement” – visits Detroit to open the NAIAS.  While in the Motor City, Musk pledges to make millions […]


Article and automotive forums indicate that BMW is preparing a more powerful version of its i8 plug-in hybrid for the company’s 100th year anniversary next year.  The new model, rumored […]

Porsche Pajun

Porsche is planning to launch the all-electric Pajun (short for Panamera Junior) in 2018. The Pajun will be powered by a synchronous electric motor and a new battery developed with […]

KIA All-Electric Soul Debuts at Chicago Auto Show

Kia unveils an electric all-wheel-drive concept vehicle at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.  Video of the Soul EV concept vehicle from the 2014 Chicago Auto Show can be viewed here.

A Good Year for the Nissan Leaf

Last year proved to be a good year for Nissan’s electric Leaf, with a gain of 34% more vehicles sold in the USA than in 2013. The Leaf is the […]

China’s Electric Vehicle Sector Sees Fast Growth

Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda plan to produce lithium batteries in China. Toyota will produce hybrid power systems at its Changshu facility while Honda plans to produce hybrid power systems […]

A Self-Parking BMWi3

The BMWi3 was featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January where demonstrators show how a “smart watch” can be used to drive the vehicle independently […]

Nissan to Expand Its Eco-Car Line in Japan

Nissan Motor plans to release two new EV’s in 2016 – and will add a hybrid version of its compact line as early as fiscal 2016. The automaker plans to […]

Honda Management Shift

Takahiro Hachigo, a Honda Motor Company R&D Executive, has been named President and CEO of Honda Motor effective late June 2015.  Mr. Hachigo joined Honda’s automotive R&D unit as a […]

Historical Fact vs. Fiction: Nikola Tesla and the AC Induction Motor

Blogs review documented and undocumented inventions by Nikola Tesla, including the development of an early electric car that may have been “charged wirelessly” by a cosmic box – or so […]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Promotes Model S in Japan

In September, Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Motors Inc., spoke with reporters in Tokyo about the start of Model S deliveries in Japan. Musk also talks about the […]

Nissan’s e-NV200

Nissan is producing the e-NV200, its second electric vehicle at a plant in Barcelona, Spain. The e-NV200 is available both as a passenger vehicle and light commercial van. Additionally, there […]

Power Japan Plus Battery Innovation

A new battery technology from Power Japan Plus called the Ryden, or Dual Carbon battery with carbon anode and cathode, allows for charging at 20 times the rate of current […]

Nissan Motor Company’s EV Development & Launch in China

Nissan Motor Company launches the Venucia e30 in China, becoming the first Japanese automaker to sell this type of environment-friendly car in the world’s largest vehicle market. The Venucia e30 […]

Green Vehicles in China

China’s news agency reports that at least 30 percent of government cars that are newly purchased will be electric or “new energy vehicles.” The new energy vehicles include plug-in hybrids, […]

BMW’s Electric Mini Roadster

The “Superleggera,” an electric version of the Mini, is a two-door roadster that is longer and sleeker than the traditional compact Mini. BMW is considering the idea of creating a […]

Renault’s EOLAB Previews in Paris

The Renault EOLAB previews at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. According to recent automtive news reports, the EOLAB, named after a Greek mythological god and the word, “Laboratory,” features innovative […]

Formula E Electric Car Championship Goes Global

The new Formula E Electric Car Championship will compete in ten of the world’s leading cities – including London, Beijing, and Los Angeles – starting in September 2014 through to […]

Mitsubishi’s Outlander Plug-In Hybrid

The new Outlander Plug-In Hybrid is perhaps the most advanced vehicle Mitsubishi Motors has brought into Canada. It has a 12-kWH lithium-ion battery and a 2.0 litre internal combustion engine […]

German Incentives to purchase EV’s

Germany plans to offer green-car buyers free parking passes as Chancelor Merkel’s government seeks to have 1 million electric vehicles on German roads by the year 2020.

New California Laws to Make EV’s More Affordable

During the past four years, more than 100,000 electric vehicles have been sold in the state of California. Governor Jerry Brown signs several bills to further the market for electric […]

Tesla Opens Up Its Electric Car Patents

Tesla Motors confirms it will open up its patents for others to use its technology. In a recent blog post, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, “Tesla will not initiate patent […]

Tesla Motors’ Gen 3 Production Plans

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk discusses initial plans for a new plant/facility for Tesla’s “Gen 3.” Production could begin in two or even three different sites, before choosing a final […]

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

As an early investor in Tesla, Mercedes-Benz gains access to the electric car company’s drivetrains which it uses in the smart Fortwo EV and now the B-Class Electric Drive. The […]

Production Ramps up for the BMW i3

BMW increases production of the i3 electric city car by 43 percent to meet demand that has exceeded the carmaker’s initial expectations. The BMWi3 built with carbon fibre, has a […]

The New BMW i8

As Tesla Motors Inc. shakes up the luxury auto market, BMW rolls out the Plug-in i8, its first sport car in more than three decades. The engine and electric motor […]

Digital Highlights: Drag & Lift Properties of Select All-Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Car and Driver studies the drag and lift properties of the Tesla Model S, the Toyota Prius, the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt at an undisclosed wind tunnel in […]

Inside the Lithium-ion Battery

Researchers at MIT reveal the inner workings of a type of electrode widely used in lithium-ion batteries. According to researchers, these new findings explain the unexpectedly high power and long […]

Nissan Leaf: Top US Seller

Nissan sees sales of its all-electric Leaf jump 46 percent from a year earlier to a monthly record of 3,117 vehicles. This marks the first time any pure electric vehicle […]

Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda is ready to bring an Accord Plug-in Hybrid and Accord Hybrid back, this time with an entirely new hybrid drive system. Similar to the Chevrolet Volt, the Accord Hybrid […]

Nippon Charge Service: An Automotive Joint-Venture

Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have jointly established a new company called Nippon Charge Service, LLC. The company will promote […]

Spirra Electric

South Korean automotive manufacturer, Oullim Motors announces plans to offer an electric version of the Spirra in Europe. The Euro-spec model will adopt an AWD system and will also offer […]

Epic Electric American Roadtrip shatters world record, reveals truth about Supercharging

Norman Hajjar, managing director for Pluginsights, has embarked on a 12,000 mile journey across the U.S. in a Tesla Model S. Hajjar hopes of breaking an EV Guinness World Record

Saleen Automotive Plans Orange County–Aggro Tesla Model S

Tesla releases its renderings of the new Model S designed by high-performance sports car manufacturer Saleen

Tesla delivers first China cars, plans national expansion

Tesla delivers its first eight electric Model S sedans to customers in China. CEO Elon Musk plans to build a nationwide network of charging stations and service stations in the […]

Earth Day 2014: Electric cars at a ‘tipping point’

Documentary film producer Chris Paine envisions a world where electric vehicles will lead the way. “Electric cars will one day prove to be a serious challenge to the status quo,” […]

2015 BMW i8 First Drive

Video and photos show recent testing of the hybrid sports coupe BMWi8 in Los Angeles and at the Nurburgring motorsports complex

Daimler’s Electric Car Brand Denza Reveals First Model At 2014 Beijing Auto Show

The first production Denza, a new electric car brand by Daimler for the Chinese market, is revealed at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show

Echo Auto Locks in Remy HVH Supply

Echo Automotive Inc. signs a supply agreement with Remy International, a leader in electric motors for electric & hybrid applications. The agreement ensures the supply of components for the Echo-Drive […]

Nissan Begins eMotor Trials at Decherd Tenn. Plant

The emotor that powers the Nissan Leaf has more than 1 mile of copper wiring inside. Nissan emotors are produced in Decherd, Tennessee, about 70 miles away from where Nissan […]

Japanese EV market gains steam in 2013: interview with EV JAPAN organiser

EV JAPAN Show Director Masaki Soda from Reed Exhibitions Japan, talks about the history of the Automotive World exhibition, latest developments in the domestic EV market, promising new technologies, and […]

Electric Vehicle Subsidies in China

China’s central government will provide as much as 60,000 yuan ($9,800) toward the purchase of an all-electric passenger vehicle and as much as 500,000 yuan for an electric bus, according […]

Toyota: Hybrid Vehicles are a ‘Bridge’ to the Future

In a presentation to the Economic Club of Washington DC, Toyota Motors Corporation Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada said hybrid vehicles are a “sturdy bridge” to the future: Economic Club of Washington […]

Five Innovations Driving Electric Vehicle Technology

Innovative trends that may drive the future of our transportation by ground – and by air.

Japan Auto Show News: Mitsubishi to Unveil 2 New plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will unveil three world premiere concept cars at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013. The three concepts take as their theme MMC’s @earth TECHNOLOGY*1 – and […]

Renault Samsung Motors Begins Production of Electric Vehicles

Renault has begun production of its SM3 electric vehicle. Annual production capacity and will reach up to 4,000 units starting in 2014 at its Busan assembly plant.

Daimler’s Desire to Expand Cooperation with Tesla Motors

Daimler intends to expand its cooperation with Tesla Motors.  Tesla is currently supplying electric motors and batteries to Daimler for its Smart Fortwo EV and the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class EV […]

Demand for Tesla’s Model S

Tesla estimates current demand of its Model S sedans at around 20,000 units per year in North America and 10,000 units per year in Europe.  Tesla is on pace to […]


Favi SA, a worldwide leader in copper-alloy pressure die-casting, has sold more than 1 million die-cast copper motors.  Headquartered in Hallencourt, France, Favi’s automotive supplier operations are fully integrated….

Bosch Offers Wireless Electric Car Charging Unit

Wireless charging will be the way of the future, however there are many cost, technology and standardization issues still to overcome.  It is good to see companies offering commercial systems […]

Chevy’s Spark EV Offers a Competitive Lease

Electric Vehicle News:  GM’s “Spark-EV” competes with the all-electric Nissan Leaf and the Fiat 500e with a new lease offering in the California & Oregon markets.

Honda Develops Transverse Flux Motor for Hybrid Powertrain

Honda’s development of a Transverse Flux motor (TF motor) shortens the axial length of the motor for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV’s)….

Japan’s Search for the Best Stop-Start System

Stop-start technology relies on powerful, robust and economical starter systems:  all requirements at which the induction motor excels.  As sales of vehicles increase with stop-start technology and light hybridization, we […]

The Green Grand Prix

There are two stages for the race:  the first is a hilly racetrack and the second is a tree-lined road-rally.  Speed isn’t the only consideration for winning this race.  Fuel […]

Oscar’s “Green Carpet” Fuels Celebrity EV Picks

GM electric cars transport celebrities to Oscars Green Carpet Events.

Video Chat: Tesla vs. Fisker

Green Car Reports hosts a web-based discussion about Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive including a comparison of the Fisker Karma to the Tesla Model S.

2013 Toyota RAV4 EV Test Drive

A drive in the 2013 RAV4 EV puts to rest any comparison between today’s new electric cars and golf carts.

A New Range Extender

A new range extender is tested on a technology demonstrator subcompact.

Going Green with Advanced Powertrains

In January, Americans bought 42,000 advanced powertrain vehicles, up from 26,000 in 2012.

Volkswagen E-Golf EV Preview

The new e-Golf all-electric car by Volkswagen will debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

GM Powertrain Expansion

GM invests $200 million in its global powertrain engineering headquarters in Pontiac, Michigan.

The Engine Difference

Not all EV automotive manufacturers have embraced the use of permanent magnet motors.

2013 Toyota RAV4 EV

With its Tesla-designed powertrain and 41.8-kilowatt-hour battery pack, the RAV4 EV is the first all-electric SUV built since the 1990s.

Grand Award Winner: Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S sets the standard by which all future electric vehicles will be measured. It’s faster than any other street-legal EV.

2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year: Tesla Model S

The 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year is one of the quickest American four-doors ever built. It drives like a sports car, eager and agile and instantly responsive.

Audi F-12 ePerformance Prototype Vehicle Showcased

The e performance research project has concluded after three years of work. Audi collaborated with Bosch and several institutes at the RWTH Aachen University to develop a technology platform that […]

EVs Get Boost from New SAE Standard for dc Fast Charging

By juicing up its standard related to the charging of electric vehicles,SAE International is doing its part to help jump-start what to date has been a moribund market for that vehicle […]

Best Inventions of the Year 2012

Robots, rovers and the rest of 2012’s most important innovations, from the affordable to the extreme

Which Hybrids Pay Back the Quickest?

EV Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study indicates that the best hybrids have total costs of ownership $481-$4,438 less that their internal combustion engine equivalent vehicles.

Fastest Electric Cars: ‘Green Monster’ Vs. ‘White Zombie’

Once a speed freak, always a speed freak: That’s the tale behind Mate Rimac, creator of the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar.

BMW’s i3 and i8 concepts – two practical, exciting electric cars

BMW has fully committed itself to the battery-electric driving revolution by setting up a whole new sub-brand – BMW i – devoted to emission-free motoring

Rare Earth: Are EV makers moving to an RE-free world?

With concerns over price and worried about supply security, EV manufacturers are on the search for alternatives to rare earth metals.

Industry Could Take a Shine to Copper-Rotor Motors

Breakthroughs in copper die casting have made it more economical to mass produce copper rotors.

2012 Tesla Model S [W/Video]

Proof That an Impressive Sports Sedan Doesn’t Need to Burn Fuel.

Toyota and Tesla Trot Out the RAV4 EV

The RAV4 EV, a battery-powered crossover jointly developed by Toyota and Tesla, made its California debut this week.

Take a Look Inside the Tesla Electric Car Factory Read more: Take a Look Inside the Tesla Electric Car Factory – Popular Mechanics

Last week Tesla revealed its Model S electric sedan. But just as interesting as the futuristic car is the retro-turned-high-tech factory where it’s made. We got a tour of this […]

Rethinking Electric Cars – Part 9

At least on paper, Toyota’s recently introduced, next generation RAV4 Electric Vehicle is a disappointment. To begin with it’s more expensive than the first generation RAV4. Toyota should be introducing […]

Motors for electric cars

The most expensive version Ford Focus compact sedan costs $22,305, that is, except for the electric version, which costs $39,200. A nice car, the Focus. A real good design. But […]

Broadcast News Interview: Copper Rotor Induction Motor from the SAE World Congress

Malcolm Burwell, ICA North American Director of Technology Development & Transfer appears with Lee Teschler of Machine Design magazine on “Engineering TV” at the SAE World Congress. Malcolm talks about […]

Sensor architecture allows real-time auto emissions monitoring, Pt. 1

Vehicle-emissions are being strictly monitored and emission-norms being revised regularly to ensure a “greener” and pollution-free environment.

Audi illuminates vehicle lighting

Audi has developed new lighting technology based on LED matrix, OLEDs and lasers.

Automotive Testing Technology International – March 2012

Profiles of BMW’s 3 Series Sedan and the F-30 as well as a feature article about the Ford Eco Sport and Ford’s growth in India.

AMP – Electrifying Favorites

As the Copper Development Association (CDA) has reported on for years, electric vehicles utilize substantially more copper than gas-powered vehicles.

Remy-Powered Electric AMP GCE Introduced at North American International Auto Show

Remy, Inc.’s Electric Motor Division and AMP Electric Vehicles announced that their latest collaboration, an all-electric AMP GCE, made its debut at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in […]