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Megafactories Tesla Model S / Electric Sports Car Documentary

A National Geographic documentary profiles Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s vision to create “the best electric car in the world.” At 23.5 running time, the program features Tesla’s AC induction motor […]

TRANSLOGIC 113: Tesla Model S

TRANSLOGIC 113: Tesla Model S

Translogic Speed’s Host, Bradley Hasemeyer, takes the Tesla Model S Performance Line on the road including a tour of the Tesla factory with Franz Von Holzhausen, Chief Designer, Tesla Motors.

Kienle+Spiess Director talks about interest in copper rotors

The automotive industry is looking for alternative solutions to the high cost of permanent magnet motors. Kienle+Spiess GmbH’s Director/Development, Stephan Bower, talks with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell at the 2012 SAE […]

Copper Delivers Energy, Power and Speed

This video shows how a copper rotor can improve the performance of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles with examples of companies using this technology.

The Business Of Plugging In Center for Automotive Research Conference – EV Infrastructure – Segment II

This program illustrates how automotive OEMs and automotive suppliers work together to move the electrification of vehicles forward. Michael Mahan, General Electric, and Marty Rucidlo, AMP Electric Vehicles, show and […]

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An Interview with Pete Savagian of GM

ICA’s Malcolm Burwell, North American Director of Technology Development and Transfer, talks with GM’s Pete Savagian about motor efficiency. Pete describes GM’s unique design and build of both induction motor and permanent magnet motors for traction and assist.

As General Motors looks to the future with drive train technology and advancements, Pete Savagian, General Director, Electrification/Electric Drive Systems for GM, talks with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell about rare earth materials and how cost fluctuations impact design choices.

“There’s a lot of choices in the making of a new vehicle. Some of them are about efficiency but not all.” Pete Savagian talks with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell about new electric vehicle design and manufacturing and the importance of playing to all strengths of what EV technology has to offer consumers.

Bob Weed, VP, OEM interviews Ray Bakerjian, SAE International – 2012

Ray Bakerjian, Electric Vehicle Program Manger of SAE International, talks about the 2012 SAE Symposium’s rare-earth metals presentation led by Jack Lifton of Technology Metals Research.

Interview with SAE’s Ray Bakerjian highlights upcoming SAE Symposium event locations in high EV-activity areas including California, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

SAE’s Ray Bakerjian talks about his involvement and interest in the advancement of electric vehicle technology

ICA’s Malcolm Burwell interviews Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research – 2012

Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research, talks with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell about the need to establish rare earth metals processing capabilities outside of China.

In an interview with ICA’s Malcolm Burwell, Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research, reviews environmental challenges that complicate rare-earth metals processing and supply problems facing the electric vehicle industry.

Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research, describes the benefits of induction motor technology

Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research, predicts production of heavy rare-earth metals will maximize out. Rising prices will ultimately become the decision-maker for the end user.

Jack Lifton, Founder of Technology Metals Research, cites the need for a worldwide OEM approach to supply chain creation. He points to Toyota’s mining facilities in southeast Asia as an example.

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